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Dry ears of 'Ashworth' sweet corn.

Ashworth Sweet Corn
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Sweet Corn

75 days — The stalks of 'Ashworth' sweet corn grow four to six feet tall, bearing six to seven inch ears that have twelve rows of bright yellow kernels. As with all open-pollinated corn varieties, 'Ashworth' is sweetest and tastiest when it is picked at its peak milk stage. It does not last long in the field. Along with being a good, early variety, it was bred for shorter climates and tolerates being sown in cooler soil.

Originally developed by the late Fred Ashworth, a farmer and founder of St. Lawrence Nursery in Potsdam, New York. Mr. Ashworth worked for close to fifty years breeding and improving various plant types for the challenging climate in his northern location. This corn variety was reportedly achieved by crossing many short season varieties and and selecting for his desired characteristics.

The legend is that he named the variety, "Rat Selected" because he noticed that rodents preferred certain kernels. He chose those kernel types to develop the variety. It is unclear who eventually renamed it in his honor, but it became commercially available in 1978 by Johnny's Select Seeds.

Each ounce contains approximately 120 seeds.

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