Black Mexican Sweet Corn
Black Mexican (aka Black Aztec) Sweet Corn

Black Mexican Sweet Corn

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Black Mexican
Sweet Corn

85 days — This very old heirloom variety produces seven inch ears on approximately six foot tall plants. When the kernels are still light colored, the ears can be picked and used as sweet corn. Allowing the ears to mature, the kernels turn black, gray-black, or bluish-black in color. Harvested at that mature stage, it can be dried and ground for corn meal.

As with many heritage or heirloom seed varieties, the history of 'Black Mexican' becomes somewhat vague the farther back in time we dig.  What we do know is that Burr referenced it in his 1863 book on garden vegetable varieties[1] and in that same year, James J. H. Gregory listed it in his seed company's catalog.[2] In 1875, J. J. H. Gregory said of this variety, "it is the sweetest and tenderest for table use of all varieties I am acquainted with."

Over the years it has been known as, or synonymous with, 'Black Aztec', 'Black Sugar', 'Black Sweet', 'Mexican Sweet', and simply as 'Mexican'.  Fairly rare and in limited supply. Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 105 seeds.
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