Boone County White Dent Corn
'Boone County White' dent corn kernels.

Boone County White Dent Corn

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Large (10-12-inch) ears with 18-24 rows of pure white kernels.
Boone County White
Dent Corn

115 days — 'Boone County White' was once one of the most popular white dent corn varieties grown in the corn belt. A heavy producer with huge ears, it was always winning prizes at corn shows.[1] It grows large (ten to twelve inch) ears with eighteen to twenty four rows of deep, pure white kernels on huge (ten to twelve foot), leafy plants. It makes a good fodder crop.

'Boone County White' dent corn was developed by selection from an old variety of corn known as 'White Mastodon' by Mr. James W. Riley, of Boone County, Indiana. 'White Mastodon' corn, grown quite extensively in the latter part of the 19th century in southern Indiana, was a large, coarse, late-maturing variety. Mr. Riley made his first selections in 1876, choosing the earlier maturing ears with white cobs. This selected seed was then planted in a separate field and developed over a period of years by continued selection and stabilization, without crossing with any other variety.[3] After several years of this work he gave his new type of corn the name 'Boone County White.'[2] Each ounce is approximately 90 seeds.
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