Calico Popcorn
'Calico' popcorn ears.

Calico Popcorn

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Multi-colored kernels are beautiful as decorative or ornamental ears, but 'Calico' is also good for popping.

100 to 105 days — Ranging from five to eight inches in length, 'Calico' ears are larger than our 'Miniature Colored' popcorn but larger than 'Indian Ornamental' corn. The kernel coloration, combinations, and markings can be very diverse. Multi-colored kernels in reds and yellows seem to be the most common, but ears can also produce brown, black, green, blue, pink, and orange, or any shades of these colors.

'Calico' popcorn ears are quite attractive, ornamental, and popular for "country decorating," dried arrangements, fall decorations, bird feeders, wreaths, and other crafts. 'Calico' also pops great and tastes good, with a slightly nutty flavor. Each packet contains 0.5 ounces, which is approximately 160 to 170 seeds.
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