Candy Red Flint Corn<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
'Candy Red' flint corn.

Candy Red Flint Corn
SOLD OUT for 2020

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Candy Red
Flint Corn

105 to 113 days — The stalks, husks, and leaves are green during the summer, reaching eight feet in height, with ears setting at about four feet off of the ground. The ears average eight to nine inches in length, developing twelve to sixteen rows of hard, glassy, flint-type kernels on white cobs. The kernels are best described as being the same as 'Bing' cherries.

'Candy Red' flint corn was developed as a selection from a diverse genetic base from varieties originating in the "corn belt," as well as from South America.Will adapt wherever medium and medium-late maturity corn is grown. Stand-ability and disease tolerance is very good.

The dried ears and husks make very nice fall decorations and sell well at farmers markets. It can be dried and ground to produce a beautiful, red-flecked corn meal that is used for Polenta, corn bread, and corn pudding. It can also be used as animal feed. Each pack contains one ounce, which is approximately 100 seeds.
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