Double Red Sweet Corn
Dry ears of 'Double Red' sweet corn showing the cob color.

Double Red Sweet Corn

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Beautiful purple stalks produce two, sweet ears each. The kernels are an intense purple color.
Double Red
Sweet Corn

80 to 100 days — The stalks, leaves, and cobs of 'Double Red' sweet corn are beautifully colored in hues of purple and reach six to seven feet tall. Producing two ears per stalk, the kernels are an intense, anti-oxidant rich, anthocyanin-dense, purple color. Harvested young, at about eighty days, it is a sweet and tasty fresh eating ear. It can also be allowed to reach dry stage and ground into a quality, sweet tasting, cornmeal or flour.

Bred by famed breeder and founder of Peace Seeds here in Oregon, Dr. Alan "Mushroom" Kapuler. 'Double Red' is a stabilized cross of 'Martian Red' and 'Ruby Queen'. Each packet contains 0.5 ounce, which is approximately 70 seeds.

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