Howling Mob Sweet Corn
'Howling Mob' sweet corn seed from Burpee's 1905 seed annual.

Howling Mob Sweet Corn

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Howling Mob
Sweet Corn

85 days — The stalks of 'Howling Mob' reach six to seven feet in height and bear seven to nine inch ears that have twelve to fourteen rows of pale-yellow, almost white, sweet and tasty kernels.

Developed by a market grower from Toledo, Ohio by the name of C. D. Keller.[3] The name that he gave it has nothing to do with the traits of the plants or ears. According to the story told by Mr. Keller, as soon as his wagon was parked in the market stall, it would be surrounded by buyers making a loud and clamorous demand for the ears.[1]

He advertised his seed in various trade journals and then, in 1903, sent a small sample to W. Atlee Burpee Seed Company to trial. They were so impressed that they contracted with Mr. Keller to grow and supply seed which they then introduced to the gardening public in 1905.[1] In that year's edition of their seed annual, they wrote:
"Howling-Mob originated with a customer of our, who is an extensive market gardener, and who, in first calling attention to it in 1903, writes: 'I send you by mail a trial package of a variety of sweet corn which I have gotten by about ten years' selection. It has short fodder, large ears, white cob, and follows White Cory within one to five days. I call it 'Howling-Mob,' for when I take the first to market the grocers collect about my stall in a mob, each endeavoring to secure at least a few dozen of the first large corn.'"[1,2]
Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 140 seeds.

- Rare and in Limited Supply -
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