Jarvis Golden Prolific Yellow Dent Corn
'Jarvis Golden Prolific' corn. Image courtesy of David Pendergrass.

Jarvis Golden Prolific Yellow Dent Corn

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Jarvis Golden Prolific
Yellow Dent Corn

86 to 120 days — The stalks of 'Jarvis Golden Prolific' yellow dent corn are relatively short compared to other field corn varieties, averaging about six to eight feet in height producing two good, large ears per stalk; sometimes more under favorable growing conditions. The ears reach seven to ten inches long, with twelve to fourteen rows of medium sized, bright golden yellow kernels on a small white cob. Has a good tight shuck that aids against attacks from earworms. Exhibits a good resistance to drought.

It is good as a roasting corn when picked in the early milk stage (about 86 days), also good for frying or as some people call it, creaming. If allowed to fully mature, it can be harvested at about 120 days, fully dried, and used to grind into cornmeal or for stock feed. The stalks make nice fall decorations and the dried ears are also popular for feeding squirrels.

An old commercialized heirloom variety that was once very popular for Southern planting. It was developed by well respected farmer, James Monroe "Plough Boy" Jarvis (b. 1857 - d. 1947) of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He created his variety by field selecting from stalks which produced two good ears, and purposely developed it to grow on thin soil, and to produce high yields on poor land. He shared his work openly and never attempted to capitalize on his efforts.

'Jarvis Golden Prolific' never really had an official commercial release date. He grew it and made it available to others by the early 1900s, but when his wife inherited acreage upon the death of her father in 1914, he was able to dedicate more ground to corn production and it became widely distributed. The earliest agricultural evaluation documentation that we have found dates it back to 1919.[1] Our 'Jarvis Golden Prolific' corn seed is grown for us in Middle Tennessee by David Pendergrass. Each ounce is approximately 70 to 75 seeds.
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