Robert Choate's White Dent Corn
'Robert Choate's White' dent corn.

Robert Choate's White Dent Corn

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Robert Choate's
White Dent Corn

80 to 120 days — The stalks of 'Robert Choate's' white dent corn average about eight to ten feet tall producing one to two ears per stalk. The ears are large, averaging about nine inches but can reach one foot, with twelve to eighteen rows of kernels. It is a good roasting corn, and when picked in the early milk stage (about 80 to 85 days), also good for frying or as some people call it, creaming. If allowed to fully mature, it can be harvested at about 120 days, fully dried, and used to grind into cornmeal or for stock feed. The stalks make nice fall decorations and the dried ears are also popular for feeding squirrels.

An old family heirloom from David Pendergrass' family in Dickson County, Tennessee. He tells us, "My Great-grandfather, Robert Choate, maintained and selected this corn for most of his life. Family members always called it 'Mr. Robert' or simply 'Robert' corn." David is not only our grower of this variety, he is the person that originally introduced it commercially in the 1990s naming it in honor of his Great-granddad. Rare and in when available, always in limited supply. Each ounce is approximately 70 to 75 seeds.
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