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Orchard Baby Sweet Corn
Three ears of 'Orchard Baby' sweet corn in the garden on the way to the kitchen.
Orchard Baby Sweet Corn
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Orchard Baby Certified Naturally Grown Seed

65 days — A very early, and quite unique and interesting variety of sweet corn for home gardeners. Bred by a Mr. Orchard of Canada, this variety was introduced by Oscar H. Will & Company of Bismarck, North Dakota in their 1947 catalog. They continued to offer the variety until they went out of business in 1959, at which point it all but disappeared.

The stalks are short (three to five feet tall) and produce two small, five to six inch ears that have eight to ten rows of sweet, yellow kernels. The flavor is delicious - tender, not starchy, flavorful and just the right amount of sweet - not too overpoweringly sweet like modern super sweet varieties. The plants commonly produce side shoots that provide additional, although usually smaller, ears.

Because 'Orchard Baby' corn is physically compact in size, it is an ideal candidate for folks who want to experiment with, or just have some fun, growing corn in containers. It is also a perfect choice for folks with small vegetable gardens and those who live in areas that have short growing seasons.

If you do raise it in containers, keep in mind that like all corn varieties, it is wind pollinated, needs to be planted in blocks, and you should grow as many stalks as practical. This will help to ensure good pollination resulting in ears full of kernels.

Our original source was the USDA's accession number PI 219872. Each 0.5 ounce is approximately 80 seeds.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Should be in every short season garden.
Should be in every short season garden. This little cutie is fast, has short strong stalks and easy to grow. These ears are short, chubby, fully kerneled, very good flavor and texture, meaty, sweet and almost buttery. My only regret, is that we should have planted more of it. Orchard Baby is definitely our "go to" for corn.
Reviewed by: Gingersue Hilliard from Troy Montana. on 8/29/2016
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