Painted Hill Sweet Corn
Close up of dry ears of 'Painted Hill' sweet corn.

Painted Hill Sweet Corn

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Multi-colored sweet corn for short seasons.
Painted Hill
Sweet Corn

75 days — 'Painted Hill' is a very interesting, open-pollinated sweet corn variety developed for gardeners living in areas with cooler and shorter growing seasons. Each ear reaches about seven inches in length and filled with multicolored kernels on stalks that reach five to six feet in height. Keep in mind that like most old sweet corn varieties, it is not like a modern super-sweet that dominates the palate with sweet at the expense of flavor. These ears are sweet, yet very flavorful.

'Painted Hill' was bred by Dr. Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds who stabilized a cross between Dave Christensen's genetically diverse 'Painted Mountain' grain corn and the old heirloom, 'Luther Hill' sweet corn. Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 150 seeds.
Perfect germ, indifferent to weather, no pest or disease problems. Short, resilient stalks, 2 or 3 very nice ears per. Meaty flavored, not too sweet; firm kernels, fairly large and almost irregular, beautiful varicolor results. Pollination quite good but not complete, probably due to weather, but ripened a bit later than expected. Will not be dabbling with any other sweet corn varieties, as this is the one for me.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NW PA. on 12/1/2013
Painted Hills Corn
I planted this for the first time last year (2012). I found the corn very flavorful. When cooked the kernels retain their variety of colors & when canned the kernels turn yellow.
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Reviewed by:  from Salem, Oregon. on 1/4/2013
Tasty Short Season Sweet Corn
While I have over a decade's experience with Painted Mountain, this is my first time planting Painted Hill. Having harvested my 2020 season of Painted Mountain grinding corn, I was looking for a short season sweet corn for a succession crop (in another section of the backyard). After soaking seeds overnight, germination was quick (3-4 days), growth vigorous with a lot of tillers (side suckers). Typically in mid June, when I planted, temperatures in the Chihauhauan desert are in the upper 90s /low 100s high and mid to low seventies o/n, with not much rain unless a monsoon storm blesses us on occasion in July. Thus I water 3 x a week. At around the 60 day mark, with the corn plants standing around 4-5 feet high, I am just beginning to harvest the first cobs. I am noticing that there is not much colour - kernels are full and rounded, chewey and very flavourful but mostly white. I am pleased to note that pollination has been successful in spite of (or maybe because of) some serious windstorms after tasseling and a major deluge that saw us get half our annual average rainfall in 45 minutes. I did notice that bees were loving the tassels - something which I have not noticed with corn previously, as I understand that corn is wind pollinated. However I am not one to discourage the pollinators from feeding where they find happiness. Hopefully as harvest progresses I will see more colour in the kernels. The taste is great - not too sweet as in the modern hybrids - but robust and definitely enhanced by steaming in the husk over mesquite wood coals (or on the grill). I see some tasty corn bread from this stand of little Painted Hill sweet corn a week or two.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Truth or Consequences, NM. on 8/11/2020
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