Reid's Yellow Dent Corn
'Reid's Yellow Dent' Corn - 1937 Litho

Reid's Yellow Dent Corn

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Reid Yellow Dent

115 days — At one time, the most popular variety in the corn belt.[2] It is a medium maturing variety, has big ears of large yellow kernels with good shuck coverage. Mainly used for flour, meal, and feed.

Robert Reid and his son James developed the variety after moving from Ohio to Tazwell County, Illinois in 1846. He brought with him a large, late red corn known as 'Gordon Hopkins'. The following year a poor stand of this variety was obtained and the missing hills were replanted to an early yellow dent corn grown extensively in Tazwell County.

A natural cross between the varieties resulted, from which James Reid developed 'Reid's Yellow Dent'. Fifty years of careful and systematic selection have firmly established in this variety certain characteristics. No other corn breeds as true to type as does 'Reid Yellow Dent'.[1]

Each ounce is approximately 90 seeds.
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