Sweet Corn (Maize) Varieties
Zea mays

In Native American lore, maize (or corn as it is commonly called in the U.S.) was one of the "three sisters." Corn seed, along with beans and squash, were planted and grown together, supporting each other in their life cycle and providing a very balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetable fats to their cultivators.

Sweet corn is believed to be the result of a natural spontaneous mutation of field corn that occurred sometime before recorded history. Predating the arrival of Europeans in North America, it was cultivated by several Native American tribes. A variety called 'Papoon' was raised by the Iroquois, and subsequently by settlers, by 1779. Sweet corn is now primarily grown for fresh, canned and frozen consumption and not used for flour or feed. Its genetic makeup is such that it accumulates sugars while the kernels are immature.

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Ashworth Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out</b>
A good short season sweet corn variety developed in northernmost New York.
Aunt Mary's Sweet Corn
An old family heirloom from Virginia. Delicious, sweet, tasty, white kernels.
Black Mexican Sweet Corn
Used early as sweet corn but allowed to mature, can be used dried for meal.
Blue Jade Dwarf Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out</b>
Early maturing, small plants, can be grown in containers; ears are sweet and excellent for fresh eating.
Bronze-Orange Corn
Beautiful golden, bronze and orange kernels. For fresh eating, flour and meal.
Buhl Sweet Corn
The golden-yellow kernels are milky and sweet at the fresh eating stage and has a classic, old-timey corn flavor.
Country Gentleman Sweet Corn
One of the most popular white sweet corn varieties of the early 20th Century.
Double Red Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
Beautiful purple stalks produce two, sweet ears each. The kernels are an intense purple color.
Double Standard Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
7-inch long ears with 12-14 rows of tender, sweet, white and yellow kernels.
Gill's Early White Market Sweet Corn<br><b>Out of Stock for 2019</b>
Very early, 10-inch ears containing 12-rows of tender, sweet, white colored kernels.
Golden Bantam Sweet Corn
The most popular yellow sweet corn among home gardener's since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Hooker's Sweet Indian Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
White kernels with an excellent, sweet flavor that mature to black. Perfect for small garden spaces.
Howling Mob Sweet Corn
The ears are 7 to 9-inch ears that have 12 to 14 rows of pale-yellow, almost white, sweet and tasty kernels.
Midnight Snack Sweet Corn
Very sweet and flavorful. Light colored when fresh, dried to a deep blue-black.
Orchard Baby Sweet Corn
Short plants, 5-6 inch ears, that have 8-10 rows of sweet, yellow kernels.
Painted Hill Sweet Corn
Multi-colored sweet corn for short seasons.
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