Trucker's Favorite Yellow Dent Corn
Kernels of 'Trucker's Favorite Yellow' dent corn.

Trucker's Favorite Yellow Dent Corn

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Tender, sweet yellow kernels making it a favorite for roasting or creaming corn.
Trucker's Favorite Yellow
Dent Corn

75 to 120 days — 'Trucker's Favorite Yellow' is an old standard dent variety that grow to about eight to ten feet tall, and produce eight to ten inch long ears that have between fourteen and eighteen rows of tender, relatively sweet yellow kernels. Although it can be grown nearly anywhere with a long enough corn growing season, it is particularly well-suited for the Southern United States.

As with most field corn varieties, 'Trucker's Favorite Yellow' is best picked in early milk stage (about 75 days) for eating fresh as roasting or frying corn. Some folks prefer its flavor over 'Trucker's Favorite White'. It can also be left on the stalks to mature and dry for use as animal feed, or ground for corn meal and flour. Each ounce is approximately 150 seeds.
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