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Trucker's Favorite Corn
Kernels of 'Trucker's Favorite' dent corn.
Trucker's Favorite Corn
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'Trucker's Favorite'

80 to 115 days — An early, old standard dent variety that produces nine inch ears having between sixteen and eighteen rows of tender, sweet white kernels making it a favorite roasting corn or frying corn. The plants are six to seven feet tall.

As with all field corn it is best picked in early milk stage (about 80 days) for eating fresh. A high yielding variety, it was introduced in 1899 by T. W.  Wood & Sons.[1,2]  In their announcement that year, they stated:
"Makes Fine Shaped Roasting Ears—A Splendid Second Early Corn. This new white corn makes a most desirable green corn for second early planting, to come in immediately after 'Adams Early'. It makes a larger ear than 'Adams Early', more uniform in shape, and a most attractive and salable ear in the green state, when offered in our markets. It has good deep grains, and fills out well to the end, is of excellent flavor, and keeps green and tender for some time after reaching the roasting-ear state. When it has been grown, it is very highly appreciated as a roasting-ear corn, and will prove a most valuable variety for second early roasting-ears for the trucker and market gardener and for home use." [2]
Each ounce is approximately 75 seeds.

  1. "List of American Varieties of Vegetables for the Years 1901 and 1902," by W. W. Tracy, Jr., USDA, 1903.
  2. "Wood's High Grade Seeds and Guide for the Farm and Garden," T. W. Woods & Sons, 1899.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Truckers Favorite is My Favorite
I totally agree with Michael. I have grown this corn for many years and it never fails to impress and produce big. If you have long hot summers and want to grow a great corn that is very dependable and drought tolerant and will also impress your friends and neighbors with the huge size of both plant and ear, you should try 'Trucker's Favorite'. Because this is a tall corn it is a heavy feeder. You will want to put the nitrogen to it like a 43-0-0 when you plant it and at least once more when it's at knee high. Also because it is a very tall corn it should be hilled up at the same time of the knee high second feeding to bury about 12" to 18" of the stalk to increase root growth and anchor it against the winds of summer storms. :-)
Reviewed by: PAUL BATHE from Springfield, GA. on 5/10/2016
My corn turned out wonderful. Their description is not at all what I got though. My plants stood a good 10 to 12 ft tall and I got at least one great big ear on each leafy stalk. The corn was wonderful and sweet as a roasting corn, every bit as good as my Golden Bantam. It was only about a week out past it but the yield was easily twice what my golden bantam. I liked it so good I am going to plant it instead this next year.

VSC Notes: As Michael notes, the height of corn stalks can vary by location. This can be due to soil fertility (think of corn being a grass like your lawn), summer heat units, climate, average day lengths, etc.
Reviewed by: Michael Rundquist from Pulaski VA. on 1/6/2016
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