Pandemic Related Temporary Cart System Closure (Not Accepting New Orders at This Time)

Pandemic Related Temporary Cart System Closure
(Not Accepting New Orders at This Time)

Dear Gardening Friends,

If you are reading this, we are sorry but we have reached our daily quota and are unable to accept new orders at this time. Please do check back regularly, as soon as tomorrow, as we will turn the cart back on as soon as we make a dent in the order backlog.

As a mission-driven biodiversity preservation organization, we have been preaching the importance of planting a "Victory Garden," in good times and bad times, for decades. These are now officially "bad times!" As lifelong gardeners ourselves, we have a deep appreciation and understanding of the innate need for people to feel a sense of food security. After all, food is at the top of the list for the basic requirements of life. If there ever is a time to sow a "Victory Garden," it is now! This, combined with the fact that our preservation work is funded solely by your donations and orders, makes it difficult to announce that we temporarily cannot accept new orders at this time.

For those of you with orders already in our queue, please be assured that your orders are very important to us and the reason that we made this tough call to stop taking new orders. We are working to get it to you as quickly as possible. Since seeds are the foundation of all food on our planet, we are therefore an essential, food-chain related business, and we are still coming to work daily. Your order will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.

As far as when you might expect it to arrive, please refer to the order confirmation email that you received. That is the best guess we can offer at this time. As of this writing, we are mailing out orders within 7 business days (not counting Saturday and Sunday when there is no mail service to the farm) from the day an order is received. Add to this the U.S. Postal Service's time to transport and deliver the mail. We are asking folks to please be patient and understanding and do not try and contact us for more accurate information. Doing so will just frustrate the both of us since there is no way to give you an absolute date. We will send you another email when your order is mailed out.

Although current news and authoritative information indicate that things may get worse and last for a long time before they get better, I truly believe that they will get better and we will all get through this together. I deeply hope that major lessons are being learned and ingrained in our collective psyche so that kind of mess won't happen again anytime soon.

To our longtime supporters (businesses call them "customers") thank you for your support and for all of the well-wishes, blessings and prayers that you have been sending our way. To all of you "new" folks that have just recently found us due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I really hope that you do not think that this is how we normally operate and I really, really hope that you spend some time on our website really getting to know us better, learn about our mission-driven social commitment to biodiversity preservation and promoting food independence, and consider making us you "partner in the garden" as your primary seed supplier, for years to come. (And that you make gardening part of the rhythm of your lives ... not just a response to disasters.)

From all of us here at Victory Seeds®, thank you again for your support, patience, understanding, and we hope that you are safe, healthy, and we look forward to being of service to you for years to come!

Best Regards,

Mike Dunton, founder

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