Coronavirus/COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Update

Posted by Mike Dunton on 4/19/2022 to Company News

4/18/22 - As the world settles into a post-pandemic era, things here on the farm are getting back to normal; with a couple of important exceptions. Demand is still exceeding supply, and there are still sporadic interruptions in shipping. In regards to supply issues, the last two years have been particularly taxing on our ability to keep everything that we normally offer in stock. However, our website is updated regularly, so if a variety is displaying as in-stock, it probably is.

We are personally getting orders filled and mailed out quickly. Please refer to the top message bar for current approximate shipping times. As far as delivery times, the key is patience. In different parts of the country, the U.S. Postal Service has been experiencing bottlenecks and delays. The good news is, that although there have been a couple of extreme instances this year where First Class packages have taken a few weeks to arrive, all orders have eventually made it to their destinations. U.S. Priority and U.S. Express classes of mail service have not seemed to be experiencing delays.

---- The entries below are included as part of the historical record. ----

4/16/21 - Although the world is still in a "pandemic mode," the weather is turning sunny, we are increasingly able to spend more time outdoors, and we are excited to once again get back to our farming and gardening related tasks. Our seedhouse crew, once again, worked really hard at quickly getting seeds into gardener's hands this winter and our order fulfillment backlog is now all but gone! Depending on the timing of when an order is placed, some are getting filled and mailed on the same day! That said, our average order fulfillment time is currently 2 to 5 business days. You can read more on the "Pandemic Ordering Terms" page (click here). Thank you again for your support!

3/28/21 - Happy Spring! Things are starting to look up, the weather is definitely in that weird, transitional stage, and we are itching to get outside and working the soil. We hope that you, your families, and your communities have remain healthy and strong. We continue to keep a positive attitude about the future, and are working hard to ensure that you receive your seeds in a timely manner. As you can read in the recently updated "Pandemic Ordering Terms" (click here), our average order fulfillment time is now about 5 to 7 business days. Thank you again for your support!

1/20/21 - Happy New Year?!?! We have survived the pandemic thus far, but like you, it has greatly affected our lives. Unable to safely increase staffing levels, we have focused on improving process efficiencies and are hoping that we do not have to repeat last spring's web site shutdowns! (see below for that narrative). Needless to say, things here at Victory Seeds® have remained busy since this early last year. As you can read in the recently updated "Pandemic Ordering Terms" (click here), our average order fulfillment time is about 10 to 15 business days.

8/14/20 - What?!?! Now summer is almost over? Things here have been hopping. As you can read in the recently updated "Pandemic Ordering Terms" (click here), we are now back to average order fulfillment times of 2 to 3 days. At least there is this one small aspect of life that has gotten back to normal for us! Along with getting your orders quickly filled and mailed, we are doing our normal summer farming duties, and just now starting to harvest seed for your 2021 gardens. Additionally, we are working to improve our systems and procedures to be more efficient so that we never have to repeat the weeks-long closure of our shopping cart system that was necessary in March. (If you are one of our friends that had to wait, that you so much for your support and patience!)

This is probably the last time I will update or add to this blog post. Hopefully the next post will be new and something fun to report to you all! Until then, thank you again for choosing us as your partner in your garden, as your garden seed source. Your orders directly support our biodiversity preservation work and we look forward to being of service to you, in good times and bad, for years to come! ~Mike

5/12/20 - I guess that I will skip the social commentary (we are all being bombarded with more information than we can decipher) and jump straight to an update from the farm ... Last Friday, May 8th, we got caught up with the huge backlog of orders that resulted in our decision on April 18th to turn off our cart system and stop accepting orders.

Not to toot our own horn, and although we had estimated that it was going to take 21 to 28 business days to complete the task, thanks to a dedicated staff who worked six days a week, some part-timers that worked when they could, and Denise and I working all the rest of the time to support the flow, we finished mailing everyone's orders within fifteen days. Saturday was the first "day off" that Denise and I have had since the Federal Emergency was declared on March 13th. We actually did work in the morning, but it felt really awesome to sleep in and to go for a drive on a beautiful sunny day!

Beginning yesterday, most of the crew is off for the week catching up on their own chores and getting some much needed personal time off, but Denise, John and I have been working on performing a thorough audit of our inventory and updating the website so that hopefully, by Thursday of this week, we can turn the cart system back on and start getting people the seeds that they need for their summer, fall and over-wintering gardens.

As an advance warning, in an effort to control our work queue and prevent uncontrolled backlogs, we may end up opening and closing the site as necessary. If you are tying to place an order and and the cart is off, please do not take it personally and think that we are not grateful for your support. We just cannot repeat the past two months and sustain that level of energy; we really need to get farming as well. :)

Thank you to all of you who have helped to support our biodiversity preservation work with your orders, for you patience during these thoroughly bizarre times, for your awesome emails and comments through social media sending us your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes, and we look forward to being of service to you now, and in the years to come! ~Mike

4/18/20 - Wow, again! As more and more seed companies closed their shopping carts, and as the news increasingly reported events that may result in future food shortages, while other articles called for sowing Victory Gardens, our order volume increased to the point where we again had to make the decision to follow others and stop accepting new orders at this time. Please click here for more information.

4/9/20 - Wow! What a week, right?!?! Our lousy weather here in Northern Oregon finally broke and the sun is shining, which really lifts spirits. All of the folks here are working hard at getting orders filled and mailed. We have made a big enough dent in the backlog that I am excited to report that the estimated wait time has dropped from 14 to 21 business days! And that actually is a bit on the conservative side. I will keep a close watch and update the site (the banner at the top) as I know more.

Although we are running low or sold out of some varieties, we do have ample stock of enough things to meet your "Victory Garden" needs for this year. If you do place an order, you will need to check the box during checkout stating that you read and agree to the "Pandemic Ordering Terms" (Click Here), but please, really read them before ordering. We are still "all hands" working on the order fulfillment process and cannot accommodate special requests like adding to or combining orders, answering individual emails that ask questions, etc. Anything that takes us away from filling orders slows the process and adds delay days.

The number one question we are getting goes something like this, "I know you are busy, but can you tell me approximately when my order will ship?" Please, understand that if you received an order confirmation email, your order is in our queue, will be filled in the order it was received, and that you know as much as I do about when your order will go out since the estimate was included in the order confirmation email that you received. That said, if it is a day or two after the estimate and you have not received a shipping confirmation email, please do contact me and I will look into the status.

Thank you again for all of your support, your patience, and we look forward to being your Victory Garden seed source, in good times and bad, for years to come! ~Mike

4/2/20 - We still have a large backlog of orders so your patience is greatly appreciated. If you do place an order, you did check the box that you read and agree to the "Pandemic Ordering Terms" (Click Here), but please, really read them before ordering. Please also be aware, that it may become necessary to occasionally close the cart system to new orders. If this happens when you are visiting, please check back later.

4/1/20 - Those of you following along already know that we had to cease accepting new orders while we worked through our backlog and verified inventory accuracy. We are hoping to start accepting a limited number of orders beginning tomorrow, under the "Pandemic Ordering Terms." We are sorry for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience.

3/21/20 - Orders are being received beyond our capacity ... Orders are now only accepted under the new "Pandemic Ordering Terms" outlined on today's blog post - Click Here to read BEFORE placing an order. Thank you for your support and understanding during these trying times.

3/20/20 - As the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent economic unrest continue to unfold, you already are aware that all sectors of the economy are being affected by supply and demand. Just as there are no cuts in line at your local store, we fill orders fairly on a first in / first out basis. Please DO NOT ask for preferential treatment. We are working nearly around the clock, seven days a week, but are experiencing higher than normal order volume.

Those of you who are our regular supporters, you know we have a reputation for getting orders mailed out quickly within a day or two. Due to unprecedented demand, and that is a huge understatement, we are currently getting orders mailed out within 10 to 14 business days from receipt. If you got your order placed and it is in our queue, we will do our absolute best to get it to you! Thank you for patience and for helping to support our biodiversity preservation work with your orders. We hope that you and your communities are safe and well, and we hope things get back to normal quickly.

3/14/20 - I want to start off by saying that we are all healthy here on the farm and hope that you and your family are as well. What a very strange message this is for me to write! While following the world events that are unfolding, it is as if we are all active participants in a story line of one of the endless numbers in the Sci-Fi / dystopian post-apocalyptic genres that have been pouring out of the studios for decades.

However, this is not a movie or a video game. And although this is real life, this is not the end, nor will not be the worst thing to have ever happened to the human race. We are a tough species, will get through all of this and hopefully be wiser and much better prepared for the next catastrophe.

Like you, the Victory Seed Company is actively monitoring world events. In addition to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, we are all having to deal with economic uncertainties that have led to drastic financial market fluctuations resulting in panic buying and shortages at stores. We live in uncertain times, and by no means is my intent to downplay the severity of the situation, this crisis is serious, but let's face it, there has never been, nor will there ever be, "certain times." By definition, the future is always unknown and always unpredictable. I have hope that sane minds will prevail, panic will lead to action, confusion to clarity, and people all over the world will use this global event to pull together, share information and resources, and to quickly address and resolve these issues.

A truckload of padded envelopes arrived this week ... We are at the ready to fill your garden seed orders ...Here at the Victory Seed Company, we are using common sense and CDC information to keep educated and to remain healthy. For a home garden seed supplier, this is always our busy time of year and in good times and bad, we do our best to always be prepared. Just this week another truckload of padded envelopes arrived. We have a good inventory of seeds, plenty of shipping supplies, the U. S. Postal Service is still picking up mail at the farm five days a week, and the staff is at the ready to meet your 2020 gardening needs.

That said, many of the rarer varieties that are typically in short supply are running out, and we are getting inundated with orders. We are currently shipping orders in 5 to 7 business days from receipt, but this can change quickly. Check back on the site regularly and plan accordingly.

In the meantime, we hope that you will stay educated about this quickly evolving situation, choose your news sources carefully and even then, use your powers of logic and critical thinking to discern fact from the inflammatory vocabulary narrative that "reporters" use to attempt to manipulate minds. Here are a couple of authoritative sources for current and continually updated information:

Thank you again for choosing to help support our biodiversity preservation work with your orders, for your patience during this time, and stay safe and healthy! We look forward to being of service to you for years to come.


Do The Five ...

FACE - WEAR A MASK and don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
HANDS Wash them often.
ELBOW Cough or sneeze into it.
FEET Stay more than 6 feet apart.
STAY HOME and shelter in place if you feel sick.


Date 3/15/2020
Katie Anderson
Hey there, friends at Victory Seed! We’ve been planning to order seeds for some time and can’t wait to show our children one more avenue of self-sustainability in the current culture that we live. We understand there might be a delay in the package arriving to us with the current COVID19 making it’s rounds. We sincerely wanted to thank you all for everything you’re doing and wish the best of health to your team. We look forward to a lifetime or memories and valuable lesson to be had from your product. Working in the garden as a child with my parents was such a treasured memory. I’m excited to have that with my kiddos and husband. Best in these moments and happy growth, Katie Anderson
Date 3/16/2020
Craig Bailey
Excellent read and advice, Mike! We are all in this together and need to appreciate that we are living through, (and making), History! This too, will pass! May God Bless You and Yours and Thank all of you for your seed preservation work! P.S. I would've never even heard about Mortgage Lifter tomatoes or Country Gentlemen corn without Victory Seeds. Now, they've been the only varieties I've planted for eight years! (And I'll tell ya, they're the best tomatoes and corn you'll ever eat)!!!
Date 3/16/2020
Jessica Thomas
We plan to use this time during this horrible virus for positive in that we will be using this time for family projects at home. As a homeschooling family we found this to be the perfect time to start a garden with our children to teach them how to be more self sustainable and how to care for the earth.
Date 3/27/2020
Angela Barnes
Thank you so much for getting my order out quickly, I seen this Covid-19 virus getting worse and knew your company would be getting swamped so I ordered sooner than I normally would have and also order several different seeds thinking of next year also. I ordered on March 19th and just barely got in before everyone else. I received the shipped email yesterday March 26, 2020. Again thank you for working hard for us that want to grow fresh vegetables from seeds that has been around for years.
Date 4/12/2020
Matthew Boas
Placed a good sized order, it shipped much quicker than I expected. Thank you! My usual heirloom source wasn't taking new orders, glad I had to look outside the box. Heard about you from someone in a YouTube Livestream when I asked about sources for sustainable seed stock. I try my best to do landscape gardening, and I found some really cool stuff here. I lost some seed stock I'd saved to my own carelessness, should have enough to keep my own acclimated stock going but not enough to harvest for eating. Now I'll be able to (Gd willing) grow and stow away more dry and canned goods this year and have seed for next year, along with some new varieties ?? Might need it... Thanks again from Western NY.

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