Big Boy Purplehull Southern Pea
'Big Boy Purplehull' Southern Pea (Cowpea)

Big Boy Purplehull Southern Pea

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Large, purple pods at the green shell stage with lage peas
Big Boy Purplehull
Southern Pea (Cowpea)

65 to 100 days — 'Big Boy Purplehull', also sometimes called 'Purplehull Big Boy', has a plant habit considered to be prostrate because it spreads out with runners that can extend up to about three feet. The pods are purple at the green shell stage, are set at the foliage level, reach about nine inches in length, and contain up to ten to fourteen peas each.

Since it reaches the dry stage at ninety to one-hundred days, it is considered a late season variety. However, it reaches the green shell stage at sixty to sixty-five days under ideal growing conditions. A very productive pea that is good for fresh use, freezing or canning. The peas are cream colored with light brown eyes and are almost as big as 'Big Boy'. Bred by Sawan Seeds and originally introduced by the Northrup King Company in 1979. Each ounce is approximately 120 seeds.
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