Iron & Clay Southern Pea
'Iron & Clay' Southern Pea (Cowpea)

Iron & Clay Southern Pea

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Good for canning, soil improvement and wildlife plantings.
Iron & Clay
Southern Pea (Cowpea)

75 days — 'Iron & Clay' pea plants reach twenty-four to thirty inches in height. Both types of seed produce purple flowers developing into six to eight inch long pods that are tan in color at the dry stage, and contain from twelve to fourteen peas each. Depending on the particular lot, the proportion of "Iron" to "Clay" will vary, with a typical ratio of 20% Iron to 80% Clay. Clay seeds are rectangular in shape and light in color, while Iron seeds are a more globe shaped and are darker in color.

'Iron & Clay' has been widely used by the canning industry as a field pea, but are also quite popular as a soil improving cover crop, as well as for wildlife plantings. Each one ounce contains approximately 140 seeds.
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