EarPeace HD Hearing Protection Earplugs
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EarPeace HD Hearing Protection Earplugs

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EarPeace HD was designed to protect musicians and their fans, but as a versatile and robust universal fit hearing protection device, it can also be an important part of your EDC (every day carry) gear.  In pocket or purse, EarPeace HD is a smart choice to have on hand when the unexpected need for hearing protection arises.  There are many noise sources occurring in our every day lives, especially farm and garden life, that are of comparable sound levels to concerts.

EarPeace HD features a reinforced pull tab, multiple filters (Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of medium, 11dB attenuation with the light colored filter set and high, 14dB attenuation with the red colored filters installed)[1] and improved sound clarity in loud environments where more protection is required.

The high fidelity EarPeace HD earplugs are sold as a pair but a spare earplug, for a total of three, is included!  Along with the set of attenuation filters that comes installed in the earplugs, a second set of high protection (14dB) filters is included.  And to round off the package, a premium, dual chambered anodized aluminum case, available in silver, black or red, is included to keep all of the pieces clean, organized, and ready for your use at a moments notice.

The world is loud and getting louder. You probably live through honking and traffic, screeching subways, construction, fire engine sirens, chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and loud radios before you even get to work. We are all steadily being desensitized to how noisy our environments are. Layer extremely loud events like a music concert onto that and you are at real risk of noise induced hearing loss and / or tinnitus. EarPeace is singularly committed to your hearing health.

And for us concert goers, whether you want to keep going to see your favorite speed metal band, singing in the choir, dancing all night, or going to see the latest action film – EarPeace has you covered. EarPeace earplugs are the best earplugs for your good time. EarPeace will improve your entertainment experience:
* Hear all the high notes and your friend speaking to you while the music roars. Then leave without your ears ringing.

* Comfortably wear EarPeace all night without them falling out of your ears.

* The patented 'tab feature' of the earplugs allows you to easily insert the plug to the point where it 'disappears' and then remove the plug from the ear.

* The durable carabiner will keep the case clipped to your key chain, gym bag or purse.
Pick up a set of EarPeace HD earplugs for you and all of your loved ones today, and take control of the volume in your part of the world!

If you are planning on outfitting a large group of friends, or all of your organizations or company's employees, please contact us for more information and possible discount opportunities.
These earplugs are now part of my EDC and always in my pocket!
I do not generally leave reviews for the products that we offer but these earplugs are something that I think are handy and very important to have on ones person at all times in these crazy, fast, loud times in which we live.

As a farmer and gardener, I am exposed to loud noise levels from things like tractors, string trimmers, chainsaws, mowers, and even the occasional concert. But I love listening to the subtle nuances of music as well as being outdoors in nature and hearing the sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling, and crickets and frogs at night.

Sadly, I have abused and permanently damaged my hearing over the decades and am smart enough now to realize what I am missing and to have a strong desire to protect what I have remaining. I wish that I could go back in time 40 years and tell my younger self to be smarter!

But I cannot so what I can do, along with working to actively protect my hearing, is to help promote the importance of not taking our sense of hearing for granted and that taking protective measures in loud environments is not a sign of weakness, but one of intelligence.

These earplugs are not designed nor intended to block all sound from entering your ear canal. That is, if you are planning to start a task involving loud power tools or going to be riding a mower for a few hours, take and use the correct gear. However, if you just need to "turn down the volume on the world" a bit, or if you are going to be exposed to an unplanned loud situation, these plugs with attenuation filters are a great tool to have in your pocket!

I have purchased these for all of my kids and employees and hope you will too!
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Reviewed by:  from Liberal, Oregon. on 8/11/2015
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