Seeds for Your Fall / Winter Garden
Keep your garden productive and your food as local as it gets!

In the past, fall gardening was simply a normal part of a gardener's year and many old seed houses published fall garden catalogs in response. Perhaps out of necessity, people kept their gardens as productive as possible year-round. Preserving the summer's bounty became wintertime meals, but they had no supermarkets to run to for fresh produce. They relied on their gardens.

Keeping your garden productive and providing your table with fresh produce for as late in the year as possible just makes sense. You already have done the hard work of preparing the soil in the springtime and toiled at weeding and mulching all summer. With very little planning, it does not take much effort to sow seeds in the summer to reap substantial rewards.

There are many reasons that we all garden. A desire to eat healthy, rejecting factory farmed and shipped produce for locally produced food, controlling the quality of what we are putting into our bodies, and supplementing our grocery budgets are but a few.  But for whatever reason, those of us who live in regions where fall and winter months are relatively mild, it just makes good common sense to keep our gardens productive for as long as possible.

This section of our website is intended to help you rediscover and achieve success with your fall and winter gardening efforts.
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Coriander (Cilantro)
Seeds are used as a spice (Coriander); the fresh leaves are used as the seasoning Cilantro.
Dill, Mammoth
Fine, tender parts are finely chopped and added to sauces. Also used fresh in pickling.
Dill, Bouquet
Culinary herb used as seasoning and as a pickling spice.
Fennel, Florence
Has a sweet, celery-like flavor with a hint of black licorice.
Also known as rocket or roquette; A spicy plant used as a salad green.
Clyde's Garden Planner
Handy, easy to use, vegetable garden planning tool.
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