Old-Time Annual & Biennial Flower Seeds

Annuals are plants that are sown from seed, grow, mature, flower, set seed and die in one growing season. They typically flower for long periods of time, require minimal maintenance, and seed can be saved at the end of the season.

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Austrian Winter Pea
Used for overwintering, soil improvement purposes, fodder, an dgreen manure.
Baby Blue Eyes
Dainty, cup-shaped, sky blue flowers bloom throughout the spring and into summer.
Baby's Breath
Grow eight to eighteen inches tall and have snowy white flowers.
Calendula (Pot Marigold)
Wonderful shades of oranges and yellows in the summer and fall.
Cornflower, Blue (Bachelor Buttons)
Great for planting in beds and along borders; blue "buttons" are long blooming.
Cornflower, Dwarf Bachelor Button
Cornflower, Dwarf (Bachelor Button) 0.5 gm
Cornflower, Red<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
Long blooming; excellent for beds, borders and as cut flowers.
The flowers are white, pink and crimson and attract butterflies.
Cosmos, Candystripe
The flowers are white with pink edges.
Cosmos, Klondyke Mix
Shades of yellow and orange colors to your gardens and beds. Heat and drought tolerant.
Crackerjack Mix - African Marigold
Early, giant, carnation-flowered mix of orange, gold and yellow.
Crimson Clover
Also known as Italian Clover, it is used as an attractive cover crop.
Daisy, Garland
Blossoms are yellow in color. Grows 24-36 inches tall.
Daisy, Gloriosa
Its flowers are reddish-colored in the center blending to yellow at the tips.
Daisy, Painted
White, yellow red and purple, daisy-type flowers on 18" to 36" tall plants.
Drummond's Phlox - Grandiflora Tall Mix
Flowers are white and cream to shades of pink, lilac, rose, purple and red.
Dwarf Alyssum, Carpet of Snow
Commonly used in border plantings, rock gardens, and even in containers.
Dwarf Candytuft<br><i>Iberis umbellata</i>
White, tinged with pink or purple, flowers. Fast blooming.
Dwarf Godetia<br><i>Clarkia amoena</i>
Very showy clusters of lavender and pink flowers with bright red centers.
Flax, Scarlet
Deep-scarlet colored flowers; 18-30 inch tall plants. Annual.
'Forget-Me-Nots' compact, low-growing plants make them perfect as a border planting, in this case, visually softening the sharp edge of a sidewalk.
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USDA hardiness zone information is not used for annual plants.

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