Wildflower Seed Mixes
Sow Carpets of Color into Your Landscape

These mixtures of annual and perennial wild flowers were formulated to fit a broad cross-section of specific requirements and climate conditions that exist within various geographic regions. They contain both native and non-native wildflowers. Non-native species were chosen on the basis of their versatility or ability to adapt to various conditions in your gardens and to provide more balance and color. Our mixes are prefect for beds or even container plantings. Coverage area varies based on mix.

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California Wildflower Mix<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
Formulated for arid climates of California and even the Southwest.
Cutflower Mix<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
A perfect mix for creating an old-time "cutting garden."
Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix
Wildflower mix is a blend of various flowering plants that are known to repel deer.
Dryland Wildflower Mix<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
A mix of wildflowers formulated for the dry climates.
Easy Care Children's Garden Mix<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
A low maintenance wildflower mix for adults and children alike.
Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix
A mix of annual and perennial wildflowers used for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.
Midwestern Wildflower Mix
A wildflower mix formulated for the Midwestern region of North America.
Moist Area Wildflower Mix
An annual and perennial mix for moister climates or irrigated areas.
North American Wildflower Mix
Contains varieties suited for a broad range of climates.
Northeastern Wildflower Mix
A mix of wildflowers formulated for the NE United States.
Pacific Northwest Wildflower Mix
An annual and perennial mix for the moister climates of the West Coast.
Pollinator Insect Wildflower Mix
For anyone wishing to set aside a space to attract and support pollinators.
Southeastern Wildflower Mix
Formulated for AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TN.
Southwestern Wildflower Mix
Formulated for hotter, dryer regions of the Southwestern United States.
Texas-Oklahoma Wildflower Mix<br><b>SOLD OUT - Please Check Back</b>
A mixture is formulated for sowing in most of Oklahoma and Texas.

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