Small Spoon Gourd
'Small Spoon' gourd.

Small Spoon Gourd

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Small Spoon
Cucurbita pepo var ovifera

100 days — As its name implies, the fruits of 'Small Spoon' gourds are fairly small, reaching five to six inch long. Their narrow, curved necks expand out to two to three inches at the blossom end, are bi-colored orange and green, and dry to the typical pale tan color. Its flowers are yellow and not white like most gourds.

If we consider that gourds in general are nature's utensils, 'Small Spoon' gourds are the epitome of this. Once they are allowed to cure and fully dry, the face of the bulbous end can be removed and cleaned out as seen in the photos above. They can then be sanded, given a light coat of vegetable oil, and used as you would any carved wooden utensil.

Each packet contains three grams, which is approximately 75 seeds.
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