Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry
'Cossack Pineapple' ground cherry fruit, flower, and fruit in husks.

Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry

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Pineapple flavored cousin to tomatoes; good in pies, for jams, or plain snacking.
'Cossack Pineapple' Certified Naturally Grown Seed
Ground Cherry
(Physalis pruinosa)

60 to 80 days — 'Cossack Pineapple' ground cherry plants reach about twelve inches in height and spread into a bush of about twenty-four inches in diameter. They are loaded with small (about ½ inch in diameter) fruit that develop in husks, that are sweet with a subtle pineapple flavor when ripe. They are used in pies, puddings and jams. Here is a recipe for Ground Cherry Pudding and Ground Cherry Jam. Each packet contains approximately 25 to 30 seeds.
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