Merchandise or Hard Goods
The durable goods section of the Victory Seed Company's Web Store

The catch-all category for tools, seed starting and seed saving aides, utensils, etc.
  • In Your Garden
    In Your Garden
    A selection of tools, tests, garden art, and other items that you might find useful in your garden or around your homestead.
  • Tools for the Kitchen
    Tools for the Kitchen
    A selection of tools and utensils that we find useful in our kitchen.
  • Themed Gardens & Kits
    Themed Gardens & Kits
    Collections of common-themed seeds that make great gifts and are a cost effective way of planting an heirloom garden.
  • Custom Seed Favors
    Custom Seed Favors
    Personalized, custom seed packets for your special events or business incentives needs.

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