We do rely on the sale of seeds to fund our work, but our primary mission is to protect seeds. One of our tools for doing this is through education and dissemination of information.

The following links are to tools and information located on our Web site. In some cases, the links will lead you to other sites.

Glossary of Terms

Seed Topics

Gardening Topics

U.S. Gardening Resource Links Organized by State.

Successfully Starting Plants from Seeds

General Garden Planting Guide
Gardening with Kids! - An overview and resource page.
Gardening Almanac Pages - What to do this month.

How To Deter Slug and Snail Damage to Tender Seedlings

Why Grow Heirlooms - FAQ
"A Case for Gardening with Heirlooms" by Mike Dunton

• Tomato Specific Information

Bean Trellising

Nutritional & Processing Information

Historical Topics

Vegetable Historical Origins
A History of Victory Gardening in W.W. II-era America
A. W. Livingston Tomatoes - Learn about this pioneering tomato seedsman.

Victory Horticultural Portal - A Community for Historical Research

Seedsman Hall of Fame - Want to know more about the people who introduced various seed varieties and built the seed industry in America? This is a site created and sponsored by us to promote agricultural history.
Agricultural Reference Material Links - Online books, journals and old seed catalogs. Part of the project (see below), these historic materials are critical in seed preservation work.

Links to Sites Maintaining Period Specific Gardens
Ideas for Themed and Period Specific Gardens

Weather Topics

Miscellaneous Information

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