Tree Mallow
'Tree Mallow' (Lavatera trimestris)

Tree Mallow

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Tree Mallow
Lavatera trimestris

Also known as 'Annual Mallow', 'Rose Mallow', 'Royal Mallow', and 'Regal Mallow', 'Tree Mallow' is an annual plant sown in the spring for flowering from summer into the fall of the same year. The Latin trimestris literally means "of three months", referring to the growing and flowering period. Here on our farm in Northwestern Oregon, 'Tree Mallow' has bloomed through October, even when the temperatures have dropped below freezing.

The plants prefer sunny locations with moderate to moist soil. They will reach twenty-four to forty-eight inches tall, developing shallow, funnel-shaped flowers that range from white to pink in color. Many flowers will exhibit maroon colored centers and petal veins. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 150 seeds.
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