Blue Solaise Leek<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
'Blue Solaise' (also known as 'Bleu de Solaise') leeks.

Blue Solaise Leek
SOLD OUT for 2020

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Blue Solaise Slow Food USA - Ark of Taste
(Bleu de Solaize)
Allium porrum

110 to 150 days from transplant — Named 'Bleu de Solaize' poireau after a town in the French Alpine region from whence they originated, 'Blue Solaise' leeks, as they are known in North America, require time to reach maturity. It is also being sold by some merchants using a partially Anglicized name, 'Bleu de Solaise'.

Transplanted out in May and June, the plants are very hardy and over-winter well, allowing them to be harvested from about March to May of the following year. Their flavor is sweet and mild. 'Blue Solaise' leeks grow fifteen to twenty inches tall, have a blue-green color that takes on a deeper blue to violet hue as the temperatures get colder.

They are a beautiful plant and do not need to be relegated to recesses of your vegetable garden patch. Their plant structure and color make an attractive addition to your ornamental beds, as border plants along walkways, or anywhere an interesting vertical accent is desired.

Although this regionally developed heirloom became quite rare, an organization called the "Confrérie du Bleu de Solaize" (Brotherhood of the Blue Solaize) was formed in 1996 in Solaize, Auvergne-Rhone-Alps, France, with the mission of promoting this delicious leek.

Our 'Blue Solaise' seed is grown for us on our friend Alan Adesse's certified organic farm. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 200 to 250 seeds.
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