Spanish Pardina Lentils
'Spanish Pardina' lentils.

Spanish Pardina Lentils

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Spanish Pardina
Lens culinaris

115 days — The compact plants of 'Spanish Pardina' lentils are very productive producing small pods that contain one to two seeds each. The seeds are brown colored, remain firm when cooked, and have an excellent, nutty flavor. 'Spanish Pardina' is one of the finest brown colored lentil varieties that we have come across.

Lentils are one of the most ancient of all cultivated foods but rarely grown by modern gardeners. Archaeologists have found lentil seeds dating to the Bronze Age. Lentils are grown in most European countries, Asia, North Africa and North America. Small lentils tend to be more flavorful and are preferred in the Middle East.

Lentils belongs to the protein rich legume family. The lentil's high protein content is said to be more easily digested than that of larger beans. They are also high in iron. Additionally, when you consider the nutritional superiority of lentils over a staple like pasta, you might want to serve them instead. Compared with spaghetti, lentils supply much more folate (folic acid), which reportedly fights heart disease. They have considerably more fiber (about 25% of which is the soluble form, and helps to lower cholesterol); and more protein. Lentils make a fine side dish and an excellent basis for salads and hearty soups. Each 0.25 ounce is approximately 200 seeds.
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