Bibb Lettuce
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Bibb Lettuce

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A butterhead-type developed in the 1860s by John Bibb; small, loosely folded heads with dark green, thick, smooth leaves that blanches creamy yellow.

60 days — 'Bibb', also known as 'Limestone Bibb', is a butterhead-type lettuce with small, loosely folded heads. Its leaves are dark green, thick and smooth that blanches creamy yellow inside. Best is grown early in the season as it tends to bolt in hot weather.

Developed in his garden in the 1860s by John Bibb, a lawyer and amateur horticulturist from Frankfort, Kentucky. He began sharing it with townspeople who called the lettuce, "Bibb's." Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 500 to 600 seeds.
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