New York 12 Lettuce
'New York 12' crisphead lettuce from the 1940 William Henry Maule seed catalog.

New York 12 Lettuce

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New York 12

75 days — Under optimal conditions, 'New York 12' heads can grow very large, up to twelve inches, are almost round in shape, and remain quite solid. Their outer leaves are slightly curled on the edges, notched, and dark green in color. The inner leaves are tightly folded, typically blanched to a silvery-white color, are sweet, and crisp yet tender. Its uniformity and attractive appearance have made it a popular choice for home and market growing for decades.

'New York 12' was introduced in about 1940 as an, "...improved selection from the original New York or Wonderful."[1,2] The original 'New York' lettuce dates back to at least the 1880s.[3] Each packet contains one gram.
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