Salinas Head Lettuce
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Salinas Head Lettuce

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'Salinas' is a crisphead-type lettuce with solid, medium-large heads that are slightly dull-green in color with creamy, firm interiors.

70 to 90 days — 'Salinas' is a crisphead-type lettuce that develops into solid, medium-large heads with outer wrapper leaves that are slightly dull-green in color, with scalloped or wavy leaf margins. The interiors are creamy, firm to hard at maturity, spherical and slightly bald on top, with bottoms that are slightly flattened with flat ribs. It is heat resistant and thrives in locations that receive full sun to partial shade. Although developed as a commercial shipping variety commonly grown in coastal areas, it is well adapted for most climates and an excellent choice for home gardeners.[1,2]

Introduced in 1975, 'Salinas' was bred by Edward J. Ryder at the USDA, Agricultural Research Station in Salinas, California. Dr. Ryder was known as "Dr. Lettuce" or "The Lettuce King," and was acknowledged as the world's foremost expert in the genetics and breeding of lettuce. 'Salinas' is reportedly resistant to tipburn.[1,2,4] It was so commercially successful that it became a standard production variety and commonly found at produce stands. As a standard, it was further improved upon and became a parent of subsequent varieties.[3] Each packet contains one gram.
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