Marjoram, Sweet
A 'Sweet Marjoram' seedling.

Marjoram, Sweet

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Utilized both fresh and dried as a culinary seasoning. It is similar to Oregano.
Sweet Marjoram
Origanum majorana

A native to Cyprus and southern Turkey, the Greeks and Romans used Marjoram as a symbol of happiness. Its leaves can be utilized both fresh and dried as a culinary seasoning. It is similar to Oregano in flavor and in some Middle-eastern counties, the names are interchangeable.

The plants can reach twenty inches in height. Although a perennial plant in its native climates, it is cold-sensitive and therefore recommended for USDA zones 7 to 9. In other climate zones it is raised as an annual. However, Marjoram can sometimes acclimate and prove hardy even down to zone 5. Each packet contains 0.25 gram of seeds.
Medicinal Herbs Historically, an infusion was made by steeping two teaspoons of fresh Marjoram per cup of water. The tea was used to help settle the stomach and for its calming effects to relieve the symptoms of motion or seasickness.
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