Honeydew, Orange Flesh Melon
'Orange Flesh Honeydew' melon - Photo sent in by M. Beug from Washington.

Honeydew, Orange Flesh Melon

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Orange Flesh Honeydew
Cucumis melo L. Inodorus Group

110 days — Very similar to the green-fleshed variety, 'Green Flesh Honeydew'. The fruits have a smooth, creamy white skin with a nice light orange color flesh that is incredibly sweet and a small seed cavity. They are typically seven to nine inches long and five to six inches in diameter weighing three to six pounds. They store and ship well.

There is conflicting information about the history of this variety's introduction. Some references point out that "red-fleshed" varieties (orange being a shade of red in old texts) existed in Europe prior to its arrival in the United States.[1] Other sources site 1929 as a date of introduction by the Aggeler & Musser Seed Company stating that it was a stabilized cross between 'Green Flesh Honeydew' and Livingston's 'Tip Top' melon. Each packet contains one gram, which is about 35 seeds.
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