Osage Muskmelon<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
'Osage' muskmelon.

Osage Muskmelon
SOLD OUT for 2020

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Cucumis melo L. Reticulatus Group

90 days — 'Osage' melons are oval or egg shaped, with slight to moderate ribbing and slight netting. The outside rind is dark green when immature, ripening to a mottled orange green. The interiors have a small seed cavity with flesh that is thick, salmon colored, and with a sweet spicy flavor. The fruit typically weigh between three to five pounds each.

'Osage' is one of the earliest named melon varieties and was the result of careful selection of a natural cross between 'Orange Christiana' and a "small black melon obtained from a Swedish gardener on the Osage River in Missouri"[1] by Roland Morrill of Benton Harbor, Michigan[1,2] in about 1880.

'Osage' was introduced commercially by Vaughn's Seed Store of Chicago, Illinois in 1887.[2] Many subsequent melon varieties were further developed from 'Osage', by either crossing or selection. Mr. Morrill also released 'Hearts of Gold' in 1895. Rare and in very limited supply, our seed is grown for us by our friend, David Pendergrass. About 30 seeds per one gram packet.
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