Tip Top Melon
Livingston's 'Tip Top Nutmeg' melon.

Tip Top Melon

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Flesh is a deep salmon color, very thick and sweet.
Tip Top
(Livingston's Tip Top Nutmeg)

Cucumis melo L. Reticulatus Group

90 days — The fruits are large, averaging six to eight pounds, the shape is round to oblong, distinctly ribbed with moderate to light netting. The flesh is a deep salmon color, very thick and sweet. You can just about eat it down to the outside rind.

This grand old melon was once the standard by which all other melons were judged. Introduced by the A. W. Livingston Seed Company in 1892, he first observed it being sold at a "fancy" vegetable stand in Columbus, Ohio. The gentleman formally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania who had brought the seed with him when he relocated to the area.

The following statement appeared in many old Livingston catalog descriptions and we think it still holds true today:
"The testimony of all who use Tip Top is that every melon produced, whether big or little, early or late, is a good one; sweet, juicy, finest flavor, firm fleshed and eatable to the outside coating."
Our parent seed was accession number NSL 8522 and it was grown out by David Pendergrass in Tennessee. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 30 seeds.

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