Top Mark (Topmark) Melon
'Top Mark' melons.

Top Mark (Topmark) Melon

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Top Mark
Cucumis melo L. Reticulatus Group

90 days —  'Top Mark', also marketed as "Topmark," has oval fruits that average three to three and one-half pounds and measure five by five and one-half inches. Its tough rinds protect the fruit from bruising. The flesh is sweet, deep salmon colored with a small seed cavity. 'Top Mark' is resistant to powdery mildew, sulfur and tolerant to downy mildew.[1]

It was bred and introduced by the Dessert Seed Company[1] of El Centro, California as a Western shipping melon variety. Can be harvested at the full slip stage of maturity and still transport well. Along with being excellent for commercial purposes, it is also popular as a home garden variety. Each packet contains one gram, which is about 35 seeds.
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