Browntop Millet
'Browntop' millet seeds.

Browntop Millet

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Very fast growing, commonly planted to attract wild game birds, and used as a warm season cover crop, fodder crop, and for erosion control.
Browntop Millet
Urochloa ramosa

45 to 60 days — 'Browntop' is an annual millet with plants that are very sturdy and reach two to five feet in height. It is one of the most rapid growing varieties of millet, with seeds reaching maturity in as few as forty-five days. It is especially tolerant of sandy soil and dry climates. As a prolific seed producer, it is commonly planted to attract wild game birds like pheasants, turkeys, and ducks. 'Browntop' millet has also been used to suppress root-knot nematode populations in tomato and pepper crops in the Southeast.[1]

The rapid growth of 'Browntop' also makes it an exceptional, Spring to Autumn, cover crop that can be grazed or baled for livestock. Sow seeds after all danger of frost has passed in the Spring. Seed may be broadcast sown if soil remains damp, or otherwise sow one-quarter to one-half of an inch deep in the soil. Each gram contains approximately 260 seeds.
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