New Heirloom Vegetable Varieties Added for 2014

This is a listing of the "new" items that we added to our seed collection and offered to our gardening friends during for the 2014 gardening seasonIt is preserved here for historical purposes.  For the most recent list of "new" varieties, click here.
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Al-Kuffa Tomato
Compact, indeterminate plants. Small (2-4 oz.), red, globe-shaped fruits.
Allsweet Watermelon
Large, oblong fruits up to 30 pounds. Sweet, firm, bright red flesh.
Alpha Pink Tomato
Beautiful, smooth-skinned, up to14 oz., pink in color.
America Spinach
Long-standing type. Slow to bolt, and resistant to heat and drought.
An Dunscaja Soybean
Tan in color with a black "saddle" that sometimes nearly encircles the entire seed.
Autumn King Carrot
Very cold tolerant. Large bright-orange roots.
Barese Swiss Chard
Grown for baby greens. Excellent in salad. Very early.
Beer Friend Soybean<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
Early maturing. Prolific producer of large green seeds. Excellent for edamame.
Bergin Bean
A family heirloom from Mississippi. Excellent flavor. Beautiful.
Black Eyebrow Soybean
Mdium-sized, brown colored seeds with black saddles around the eyes.
Black Mexican Sweet Corn<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
Used early as sweet corn but allowed to mature, can be used dried for meal.
Black Pearl Soybean
Large, green at the edamame stage and black at maturity.
Blackeye Soybean
Short plants with large green seeds
Bountiful Bean
Very productive. Released in 1898. Excellent fresh, canned or frozen.
Brown Tones Dent Corn
Fall colors - many shades of dark browns, lighter browns, bronzes, and deep golds.
Brun Matif Rouest Soybean
Semi-determinate plants. Seeds are uniform, medium sized, and dark brown.
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