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This list is updated as new items are received into stock or as the seeds are harvested, germination testing completed, descriptions written, photos edited, packets filled and they are added to stock . . . please check back from time to time. This process takes several months to complete.

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A. Z. Cutler Tomato
Fruit are large, pink, oblate shaped, and deliver a wonderful, mild but slightly sweet, flavor. An excellent choice for fresh eating
Ahus Tobacco
A compact growing, very early maturing, multi-use tobacco variety that originated from Sweden.
Atkinson Tomato
Disease resistant plants. Beautiful red colored, 4-14 oz., oblate shaped, fruit that have firm, meaty flesh.
Aussie Drop Tomato
Heart shaped, two to seven oz., red-brown colored fruit. They have a mild, yet rich and slightly sweet, flavor.
Banana Toes Tomato
Early maturing, extremely compact but productive plants; Fruit borne in clusters of 4 to 6, elongated, paste-type, 2-4 oz., yellow ripening to orange color.
Carrot Scrubbing Brush
Scrub those carrot skins clean enough to eat!
Chocolate Bell Pepper
Beautiful, rich chocolate colored bell-type pepper on compact plants.
Coaster, 3.7
Exactly what your tables are dreaming of ... study Victory Seeds® coasters to keep your table dry for many rounds.
Dwarf Almandine Tomato
Paste-type, 4 oz., dark pink color with darker shoulders, with a pleasant, balanced flavor.
Dwarf Amy's Ohio Tomato
Globe to oblate shaped, average 3 oz. but can reach ten oz.; yellow-skinned with green flesh delivering a well-balanced, slightly sweet flavor.
Dwarf Audrey's Love Tomato
Paste-type fruit, 2-4 oz., red with green striping, juicy with a mild, balanced flavor.
Dwarf Dainty Isabel Tomato
Dark pink (clear skin over dark red flesh), 2-5 oz., flattened-globe shaped fruits with a well-balanced, pleasant flavor.
Dwarf Desert Star Tomato
Productive. Fruit are nearly round, 1 oz., pale yellow, cherry-type with a balanced, sweet flavor. And excellent salad or snacking tomato.
Dwarf Grinch Tomato
Fruit are oblate to slightly heart shaped, 6-16 oz., green fleshed, with a rich, delightful, slightly sweet, tangy flavor.
Dwarf Metallica Tomato
Fruit are 4-16 oz., are pink in color with green stripes, oblate to slightly heart shaped, and slightly sweet and tangy.
Dwarf Mint Streak Tomato
Elongated, globe shape, 2-5 oz., golden-green with green stripes; Flavor is described as being mild with a slightly tart finish.
Dwarf Moby's Cherry Tomato
Bright yellow to orange colored, flattened-globe shaped, one to two ounce cherry-type fruit.
Dwarf Perfect Harmony Tomato
Productive plants. Medium-large, up to 20 ounce, bright orange colored, oblate shaped tomatoes with a distinctly tart, full flavor.
Dwarf Round Robin Tomato
Fruit are thick and meaty, globe shaped,2-3 oz., dark red color, with darker shoulders and green stripes; well balanced flavor.
Dwarf Snakebite Tomato
Pink colored, 4-16 oz., oblate shaped fruit that are tasty, tangy and tart. A very nice slicing tomato.
Farthest North Tomato
Early producing, bite-sized, full flavored, red cherry-type fruits
George's Fowler Pole Green Bean
Stringless, tasty, resistant to Japanese beetles, pole green bean.
Globonnie Tomato
Deep-globe shaped, red colored, 3-8 ounce fruits with a mildly tart, slightly sweet classic red tomato flavor.
Kanora Tomato
Nice flavored, firm, red, medium-sized globe-shaped fruit produce until frost. Excellent for market growers and home gardeners.
Mahoning Valley Beauty Tomato
Red, 4-16 oz., blunt tipped, elongated paste-type fruit that are thick, meaty, few seeds; excellent for sauces or salsas.
Michigan Red Wonder Tomato
Globe to oblate shape, a beautiful shade of red, 3-14 oz., and juicy and nicely tart.
Nebuka Evergreen Bunching Onion
Tasty, long, silvery white stalks of Nebuka Evergreen Bunching onions are excellent for fresh eating, stir fry, or any recipe calling for green onions.
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