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Aker's West Virginia Tomato
An unusually compact indeterminate variety, producing large, red-fruited tomatoes that are meaty and delicious.
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red Tomato
Large (one pound and bigger) red, oblate shaped, fruit that are delicious, meaty and juicy, as well as sweet and tangy.
Bethel Bounty Tomato
Fruit are pink, heart shaped, 4-20 oz. with very meaty and solid flesh, yet possess a lovely, well balanced flavor and juicy texture.
Bibb Lettuce
A butterhead-type developed in the 1860s by John Bibb; small, loosely folded heads with dark green, thick, smooth leaves that blanches creamy yellow inside.
Calico Popcorn
Multi-colored kernels are beautiful as decorative or ornamental ears, but 'Calico' is also good for popping.
Carter's Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Large, up to 20 oz., beautiful, tasty, pink colored fruit with a mild, slightly tart flavor.
Cartwright's Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Beefsteak-type slicing tomato with large, pink colored fruit with a mildly tart flavor.
Casey's Pure Yellow Tomato
Oblate, 8 to 14 oz., yellow colored, some of which develop a blossom-end blush. Unusually tart for a yellow variety, but with a lingering sweet flavor.
Deaton's Dwarf Tomato
Juicy, round, 3-8 oz. fruit that are chocolate colored; Mild and well balanced with both sweet and tart elements.
Don's Double Delight Tomato
Large, 8 to 16 oz., irregular oblate-shaped fruit that are red with golden orange streaks. Its delicious flavor is similar to a classic red tomato flavor, but slightly sweeter.
Dwarf Big Valentine Tomato
Compact plants with large, up to 24 oz., smooth, heart shaped, pink, meaty fruit, with a well-balanced, slightly tart but sweet, delicious flavor.
Dwarf Choemato Tomato
Bi-colored, meaty tomatoes possess a well-balanced, mildly sweet, delicious flavor.
Dwarf Eagle Smiley Tomato
Awesome little flavor bombs that explode in your mouth with an intense sugary goodness. Wow!
Dwarf Gloria's Treat Tomato
Round to heart shaped, bi-colored, 6-12 oz. tomatoes. One of the best flavored dwarfs, they are juicy and delicious, mild but fruity, sweet and flavorful.
Dwarf Idaho Gem Tomato
True yellow (not orange), 4-14 oz., oblate shaped fruit that are juicy, sweet, and flavorfully mild; a well balanced, delightful flavor. This is a perfect meaty slicing tomato.
Dwarf Kodiak King Tomato
Variable shaped, 6-20 oz., scarlet red, meaty fruit that possess an old-fashioned, balanced "red heirloom" flavor with a refreshing hint of tartness.
Dwarf Mocha's Cherry Tomato
Small (about one ounce each), round, glossy deep purple, nearly black, colored fruit.
Dwarf Stony Brook Heart Tomato
Distinctly heart-shaped, beautiful scarlet color with distinct jagged golden stripes, 6-10 oz., meaty, flavorful and delicious. Perfect for sauce, paste, preserving and slicing.
Dwarf Stony Brook Speckled Tomato
Elongated, Roma-type, beautiful scarlet color with distinct jagged golden stripes, 3-6 oz., meaty, flavorful and delicious. Perfect for sauce, paste, and preserving.
Dwarf Strawberry Lemonade Tomato
Crimson pink, 8-14 oz., oblate-shaped, juicy tomatoes with a mild, well balanced, delightful flavor. This is a perfect meaty slicing tomato.
Early Pink Popcorn
Shiny, bright kernels range from pink to mauve to light purple in color; very attractive and ornamental.
Ethiopian Kale
A cousin of both kale and mustard. Grown as a leafy green, it is nutritious and has a delicious, mild flavor.
Giant Pascal Celery
Thick, heavy stalks that are pale yellow-green, tender and have a good flavor.
McGarity's Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Very productive. Fruit are are oblate-shaped with some ribbing, large, ten to sixteen ounces, mild but leaning towards the classic tart tomato flavor.
Miniature Blue Popcorn
Shiny, bright kernels range from deep- to medium-blue in color. Beautiful as an ornamental ear or good for popping.
Mullens' Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Pink fruit that are oblate-shaped with some ribbing. Range in size from 8-20 oz., are juicy, start off with a sweet burst but finish tart.
Porter's Pride (Improved Porter) Tomato
Developed to set fruit in hot, dry Texas weather. Very productive, globe-shaped, red fruit.
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