New Varieties Added and Back in Stock for 2012

This is a listing of the "new" items that we added to our seed collection and offered to our gardening friends during for the 2012 gardening seasonIt is preserved here for historical purposes.  For the most recent list of "new" varieties, click here.
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Aan tu bai hua lu da dou Soybean
Dark-green seed with brown hilums. Excellent for edamame.
Amsoy Soybean
The beans are medium to large in size and cream in color.
An Tu Bai chang lu dou
Medium size, bright green in color good for edamame.
Aoyu Soybean
Large, green beans excellent for edamame.
Baby's Breath
Grow eight to eighteen inches tall and have snowy white flowers.
Bei Liang 11 Soybean
Pods contain two yellow beans each
Belakaya Soybean
Small to medium, not uniform, some wrinkly beans.
Blue Lake Pole Green Bean, Wright Strain
Tender, dark green, round, tasty, and reach about 6 inches.
Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa
Beautifully colored seed heads. Gluten free grain alternative.
Burning Spear Tomato
This paste-type tomato is both beautiful and excellent tasting.
Butterbean Soybean
Bright green beans developed for fresh eating.
Canatto Soybean
Uniform, small yellow seed.
Cape Gooseberry
Sweet and flavorful, mildly tart, and used for fresh eating, jellies and desserts.
Chico Soybean
Small yellow seeds with a buff hilum (eye).
Dwarf Alyssum, Carpet of Snow
Commonly used in border plantings, rock gardens, and even in containers.
Dwarf Candytuft
White, tinged with pink or purple, flowers. Fast blooming.
Early Fall Rapini (Broccoli Raab)
Enjoyed steamed, grilled and sautéed.
Seeds are used as a spice; leaves and sprouts are eaten as a vegetable.
Florida Pink Tomato
Giant, light pink fruit grow to two pounds or more
Gill's All Purpose Tomato
Regular leaf plants, productive, all purpose fruit.
Gion Soybean
Seeds are large, round, green and have a good flavor.
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