New Varieties Added and Back in Stock for 2013

This is a listing of the "new" items that we added to our seed collection and offered to our gardening friends during for the 2013 gardening seasonIt is preserved here for historical purposes.  For the most recent list of "new" varieties, click here.
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Addis Cucumber
Dark-green colored fruits with white spines, straight and cylindrical in shape.
Aunt Doll Bean
Pole-type multi-purpose family heirloom from Tennessee.
Austrian Winter Pea
Used for overwintering, soil improvement purposes, fodder, an dgreen manure.
Besarabka Soybean
Thirty in tall plants produce pods containng 2-3 beans each.
Big Boy Southern Pea<br><b>SOLD OUT - Please Check Back</b>
Very productive pea; good for fresh use, freezing or canning.
Black Calypso Bush Dry Bean<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
Have a nice texture and used as a baking bean.
Boston Marrow Squash
The original, early winter squash. Beautiful, productive and tasty.
California Poppy, 'Mission Bells'
Blooms in shades ranging from cream to yellow to orange to pink to dark pink.
Canary Yellow Melon
Bright light-yellow skin that is slightly wrinkled with sweet, pale green flesh.
Catterton Tobacco
A "Maryland-type" tobacco that is used for pipe and cigarette blending as well as for cigars.
Cherokee Purple Heart Tomato
Medium sized (up to 12 oz), heart-shaped fruits that are nearly identical to 'Cherokee Purple' in coloration and flavor profile.
Chia<br><b>SOLD OUT - Please Check Back</b>
Aztec Warrior Food - Modern Superfood.
Chinese White Winter Radish
Large, white radishes that are excellent for pickling or winter storage.
Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco
Broad leaf, strong, thin, elastic, silky, small fibers, sweetish taste, light in color.
Cooper's Special Tomato
Medium sized (3-9 ounce), globe-shaped, smooth skinned, beautifully pink fruits.
Cosner Tomato
Dark pink, 8-12 ounce fruits that have a very good flavor.
Crest Soybean
Seeds are medium sized, uniform in shape and buff-yellow. Good for edamame.
CT Dimpled Brown Crowder Southern Pea
Prolific, contain 12-15 fine-flavored peas each, and are closely bunched making picking easy.
Dame's Rocket
Sweet scented, white but primarily are lavender colored flowers.
Dwarf Jade Beauty Tomato
Sweet, round fruit that are green when ripe but can have a hint of pink blush on their blossom end.
Dwarf Wild Fred Tomato
Medium size, somewhat irregular, meaty, purple fruit with excellent flavor.
Early Detroit No. 17 Tomato
Firm and juicy, bright-red, two to four ounce, globe-shaped, fruits.
Fagiolino Dolico di Veneto Cowpea
Prolific, pods are upright on erect, bush-like, dwarf, plants. Very easy to pick.
Fish Lake Oxheart Tomato
Heart-shaped fruits, large (12-16 oz.), scarlet, excellent taste.
German Yellow Stripe Tomato
Family heirloom, large (weigh up to 40 ounces), bi-colored, beefsteak-type fruit.
Golden Burley Tobacco
Burley-type tobacco; multi-purpose use.
Indiana Wild Goose Bean
A dry, pole bean with sandy-brown colored seeds that have flattened ends. Tasty.
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