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New Varieties Added and Back in Stock for 2017

This list is updated as new items are received into stock or as the seeds are harvested, germination testing completed, descriptions written, photos edited, packets filled and they are added to stock . . . please check back from time to time. This process takes several months to complete.

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Barossa Fest Tomato
Smooth, globe shaped, pale yellow fruits with a bit of blossom-end blush; juicy with a nice sweet flavor and tart aftertaste.
Black From Tula Tomato
Regular leaf plants. Black, oblate-shaped, wonderfully flavorful fruits.
Bolgiano's Extremely Early 'I.X.L.' Tomato
Productive and early; oblate-shaped, red, firm, tasty fruits.
Bonny Best Tomato
Red, smooth and solid; five ounce fruit.
Break O’ Day Tomato
Red, smooth and solid; six ounce fruit, disease resistant.
Brownleaf Tobacco
A Fire-cured type tobacco.
Burley Mammoth (aka KY16) Tobacco
An old Burley-type tobacco used for cigarette blends.
Chadmo Quinoa
Cream to light-brown colored seeds. Does well at lower elevations.
Chalk's Early Jewel Tomato
Vigorous, productive and reliable; red, smooth fruits with nice balanced flavor.
Coorong Pink Tomato
Large yields of small to medium pink fruits. Smooth-skinned with a well-balanced flavor.
Diener Tomato
Large, bright-red, tart, beefsteak-type fruits that. Introduced in California in 1917.
Duke of York Tomato
Productive plants with 6 oz., red, firm, meaty and tasty fruits.
Dwarf Beauty King Tomato
Medium-sized, oblate-shaped, red fruit with vertical gold striping. Rich, balanced flavor.
Dwarf Crimson Sockeye Tomato
Large yields of medium pink fruits. Smooth-skinned with a well-balanced flavor.
Dwarf Firebird Sweet Tomato
Medium-sized, oblate-shaped, pink fruit with gold striping. Rich, balanced flavor.
Dwarf Wild Spudleaf Tomato
Good yields of medium, dark-pink fruits. Juicy, with a nice well-balanced flavor.
Galeux d' Eysines Winter Squash
Thick, orange, sweet, fine-grained flesh; excellent sautéed, roasted, baked or used for pie or soup.
Gill's Red Heart Tomato
Productive plants with 5-12 oz., deep red, juicy, tart, globe-shaped fruits.
Gold Dollar Tobacco
Historically used for pipe and cigarette tobacco blends.
Golden Butterwax Bush Snap Bean
It is an excellent choice for home gardens, market growers and canning.
Hajduczek Pepper
Beautiful, compact, sweet and mild pepper.
Harrow Velvet Tobacco
Burley-type tobacco; multi-purpose use.
Henderson's 'Tendersweet' Carrot
Distinct, dark-green foliage; 8-10 inches long, taper slightly from the shoulder to a blunt end.
Isbell's New Phenomenal Tomato
Globe to flattened-globe shaped, red, 4-12 oz., delicious, juicy and more sweet than tart.
Italienischer Leaf Lettuce
Sweet, crisp, vibrant green leaves
Jaune Flammée Tomato
Small, apricot-orange colored fruits; Excellent, fruity flavor, nice balance of sweet and tart.
Jimmy Nardello Italian Pepper
Beautiful, compact, sweet, flavorful and mild Italian frying pepper.
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