New Varieties Added and Back in Stock for 2018

This list is updated as new items are received into stock or as the seeds are harvested, germination testing completed, descriptions written, photos edited, packets filled and they are added to stock . . . please check back from time to time. This process takes several months to complete.

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Adzuki Bean
A significant part of Asian cuisine. Nutritious, versitile, and flavorful.
Anna's Kentucky Tomato
Large, oblate, pink, juicy fruits with a tasty, tart flavor with a slight hint of cherry flavor.
Ashworth Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out</b>
A good short season sweet corn variety developed in northernmost New York.
Aunt Edna Tomato
Red, smooth-skinned, globe to flattened-globe shaped, weigh about eight ounces each.
Aunt Mary's Sweet Corn
An old family heirloom from Virginia. Delicious, sweet, tasty, white kernels.
Big Gem Tobacco
Flue-cured type tobacco used for pipe and cigarette blending.
Blue Clarage Dent Corn
Early 1800s heirloom from the Ohio-West Virginia area of the Appalachian Mountains; 8-10 inch ears with purple and white kernels.
Blue Jade Dwarf Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out</b>
Early maturing, small plants, can be grown in containers; ears are sweet and excellent for fresh eating.
Bolita Bush Dry Bean
Sweeter, richer tasting, and easier on the stomach than Pinto beans.
Caitlin's Lucky Stripe Tomato
Productive potato leaf variety with 4-8 ounce fruits. Beautiful, very juicy, slightly tangy and delicious.
Calhoun Creek Red Dent Corn
Beautiful, deep purple (almost black) kernels that are rich in the antioxidant, Anthocyanin.
Cancelmo Family Heirloom Tomato
Mild, smooth, balanced, though slightly tangy, flavor. Most fruits are big, beautiful, and nice for slicing.
Candy Red Flint Corn
Ears are 8-9 inches long with 12-16 rows of deep-red, hard, glassy, flint-type kernels on white cobs.
Cornflower, Red
Long blooming; excellent for beds, borders and as cut flowers.
Cosmos, Klondyke Mix
Shades of yellow and orange colors to your gardens and beds. Heat and drought tolerant.
Double Red Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
Beautiful purple stalks produce two, sweet ears each. The kernels are an intense purple color.
Double Standard Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
7-inch long ears with 12-14 rows of tender, sweet, white and yellow kernels.
Dwarf Awesome Tomato
Yellow with red streaking, 6-8 ounce, round to oblate-shaped, fruits with excellent flavor.
Dwarf Barossa Moon Tomato
Ivory-colored, 2-4 oz. fruit ranging from round to oval in shape and deliver a mildly sweet, pleasant flavor.
Dwarf Bendigo Dawn Tomato
Productive; small, 1-2 oz., pink, slightly oval-shaped, cherry sized tomatoes that are very tasty.
Dwarf Black Angus Tomato
Smooth skinned, 6-12 oz., oblate shaped, purple fruits with a rich, well-balanced flavor.
Dwarf Caitydid Tomato
Smooth, oblate, yellow with red swirls. The flavor is well balanced and delicious.
Dwarf Confetti Tomato
Delicious, 8-12 oz., round to slightly oblate shaped, bright yellow fruit with yellow and pink stripes.
Dwarf Franklin County Tomato
Productive plants; small, 2-4 oz., red, oblate-shaped, cherry-type fruits.
Dwarf Mandurang Moon Tomato
Oval shaped, ivory colored, 1-2 oz., cherry tomatoes with an excellent, well balanced flavor.
Dwarf Pink Opal Tomato
Cherry-type fruits, 1-3 oz., pink colored with an excellent flavor. Very productive.
Dwarf Sarah's Red Tomato
Blocky, red-colored fruits, weigh from 4-10 ounces each. Very good flavor.
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