New Varieties Added and Back in Stock for 2019

This list is updated as new items are received into stock or as the seeds are harvested, germination testing completed, descriptions written, photos edited, packets filled and they are added to stock . . . please check back from time to time. This process takes several months to complete.

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Abu Rawan Tomato
Oblate shaped, red colored, 2-4 oz., nice, tangy, classic red tomato flavor.
Ailsa Craig Tomato
Small, 2-4 oz., red tomatoes. Does well in greenhouses too. Juicy and good flavored.
Bahia Tobacco
Smooth, high quality leaves that were historically used as cigar wrappers.
Banana Leaf Tobacco
A "flue-cured" tobacco historically used for cigarette and pipe blends.
Basrawya Tomato
Fruits are beautiful, smooth skinned, globe shaped, red, 4-6 oz., with nice, mild flavor.
Bay State Tomato
Smooth skinned, globe to flattened globe, red colored, and 2-4 oz. each. Does well in the greenhouse.
Bison Tomato
Juicy with a complex, mildly tart flavor. Great for short seasons.
Buhl Sweet Corn
The golden-yellow kernels are milky and sweet at the fresh eating stage and has a classic, old-timey corn flavor.
Chinez Tobacco
Bright yellow, "flue-cured" type tobacco, historically used for cigarette and pipe blends.
Chubby Okra<br><b>SOLD OUT until 2022</b>
An old family heirloom from Arkansas and Texas. Nice, think, tasty pods.
Clare Valley Pink Tomato
Round, pink, small to medium sized tomatoes with a nice balanced flavor.
Clare Valley Red Tomato
Beautiful, globe shaped, small to medium sized, red colored tomatoes on sturdy, compact plants.
Dean Tobacco
"Maryland" type tobacco, historically used for cigarette blends.
Delcrest Tobacco
"Flue-cured" type tobacco, historically used for cigarette blends.
Dwarf Andy's Forty Tomato
Oblate shaped, brown colored with vertical green stripes, 4-8 oz., mildly balanced, slightly sweet flavor.
Dwarf Bendigo Blush Tomato
Oval shaped, pink colored, 1-2 oz., cherry tomatoes with a sweet, well balanced flavor.
Dwarf Bendigo Drop Tomato
Oval shaped, pink colored, cherry tomatoes. Excellent for snacking.
Dwarf Bendigo Moon Tomato
Tons of oval shaped, ivory to pale yellow, 1-2 oz, cherry tomatoes. Perfect for salads and snacking.
Dwarf Bendigo Rose Tomato
Slightly plum shaped, pink, large cherry-type tomatoes; average 1-2 oz. each.
Dwarf CC McGee Tomato
Productive plants, 4-8 oz., ivory colored, oblate shaped tomatoes with elements of both sweet and tart in a full, delicious flavor.
Dwarf Egypt Yellow Tomato
Beautiful, oblate shaped, bright yellow colored, 6-12 oz. tomatoes with juicy and mild.
Dwarf Galen's Yellow Tomato
Slightly oblate, one ounce, golden-yellow colored cherry tomatoes with a balanced, sweet flavor.
Dwarf Goldfinch Tomato
Medium to large, up to ten ounces or more, bright yellow colored, oblate shaped tomatoes with a well balanced, delightful flavor.
Dwarf Grandpa Gary's Green Tomato
Globe to slightly oblate, yellowish-green, 4-6 oz., mild, lightly sweet and tart, well balanced flavor.
Dwarf Hannah's Prize Tomato
Globe to oblate, red with with some vertical green striping, 6-12 oz., fruits with a nice, well-balanced, slightly tart flavor.
Dwarf Hazy's Dream Tomato
Medium sized, round, purple colored fruit, that average about four ounces each. They have a pleasant,well balanced flavor.
Dwarf Jasmine Yellow Tomato
Medium sized, four ounce, yellow colored, round shapes tomatoes with a well balanced, pleasant flavor.
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