New Annual & Biennial Flower Varieties Added for 2014

This is a listing of the "new" items that we added to our seed collection and offered to our gardening friends during for the 2014 gardening seasonIt is preserved here for historical purposes.  For the most recent list of "new" varieties, click here.
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Clevelandii Tobacco<br><b>Sold Out for 2019
Beautiful, white, trumpet-shaped blooms appear as early as three weeks after transplanting.
Florida Sumatra Tobacco
Shade grown and used to make excellent quality cigar wrapper leaves.
Isleta Pueblo Tobacco
Grows very quickly, matures early, and reaches about 4-5 feet in height and has thick, waxy, dark green leaves.
Jasmine Tobacco<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
Beautiful ornamental; Fills the evening air with its amazing fragrance.
Mountain Pima Tobacco
Cultivated both for its beautiful pink flowers and as a smoking variety.
Pennlan Tobacco
A disease resistant, cigar filler tobacco variety.
Perique Tobacco
Historically used as a smoking, chewing, cigar, and cigarette variety.
Red Russian Tobacco
The flowers are a beautiful Red color. A great choice as an ornamental plant.

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