Emerald Okra
'Emerald' okra.

Emerald Okra

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Abelmoschus esculentus

55 days — 'Emerald' okra, also known as 'Velvet', 'Emerald Green' and 'Emerald Green Velvet',[1] have pods that are thick walled, round, slender, long, spineless, and a deep green color. Its plants are semi-dwarf with large leaves.

'Emerald' was bred by the Campbell Soup Company, Riverton, New Jersey and was introduced in 1950. Its parentage was noted as being an unspecified cross including 'Campbells Long Green', 'Clemson Spineless', 'Louisiana Green', and 'Cow Horn'.[2] Each packet contains two grams, which is about 30 seeds.
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