Red Creole C5 Onion
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Red Creole C5 Onion

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'Red Creole C5' onions deep globe, deep-red colored skin with purple-red, firm flesh that is deliciously pungent with a spicy-sweet flavor.
Red Creole C5 Slow Food USA - Ark of Taste
Allium cepa

100 to 190 days — 'Red Creole C5' onions develop into small to medium sized bulbs that are thick, flat, and light-red in color. Their flesh is firm, purple-red, and can be pungent. Bred specifically for use in the Southern United States, 'Red Creole C5' is a good, short day, storage variety.

Once a very common onion grown in the South, especially in Louisiana, 'Red Creole' was determined to not be as economically profitable for large agricultural operations, and since these are the guys that determine what you buy at your local market, "Creole-type" onions have been replaced by Red Bermuda and White Sweet onions. If you really want to eat something traditional and tasty, try combining them into dishes that call for the combination of peppers, onions, and celery. They can be deliciously pungent with a spicy-sweet flavor that mellows and sweetens when grilled and caramelized. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 200 seeds.
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