IMPORTANT: New Pandemic Ordering Policy - Please Read Before Placing An Order

Posted by Mike Dunton on 3/21/2020 to Company News

For our regular supporters who already know us, or to you new folks that have just discovered us but have spent some time on the site getting to know us a bit better, you already know that we are not a typical, fiscally motivated business. Although we are not organized as a "non-profit organization," as a mission-driven biodiversity preservation organization, we effectively operate as a not-for-profit with the proceeds from sales directly funding our work.

Although we perpetually operate under extremely tight budgets, and can so greatly use your support, this is one of the most counter-intuitive actions I have ever had to make in my life ... that is, trying to slow down the inflow of orders! The alternative, which we hope that we will not be required to do, is to stop accepting new orders.

We began the year with a solid inventory of seed stock and packing materials needed to fulfill orders However, it has become obvious that we were ill-prepared for the level of purchasing the pandemic fear has created. But then neither was Costco, Walmart or Amazon! We have ramped up our staff bringing back everyone who is trained and even some new faces, we are running seven days a week, Denise and I are working nearly around the clock to keep the process running smoothly, and yet orders are coming in faster than we can get them out.

If you already have an order in our fulfillment queue, please be assured that we are working diligently to get it in the mail to you. Check the website for information about current expected shipping times, and your patience is greatly appreciated!

If you wish to place an order at this time, you MUST accept the following terms:
  • Your order may take up to four (4) weeks for us to mail out.
  • When you receive your order, it may not contain all of the items you placed in your cart. We are doing our best to keep our inventory system accurate, but discrepancies do on occasion occur. Out-of-stock items will not be back-ordered. But if we are out of an item, your card will be refunded for whatever we cannot supply you.
  • If you are going to order, do so with the mind-set that you are getting one shot at it. That is to say, don't order one packet of tomatoes now and figure that you will order your main garden seeds later on closer to planting time. I can almost guarantee we won't have the seeds you want later. THIS IS NOT A MARKETING GIMMICK. This is an attempt to make sure you are not disappointed latter this spring. Again, think through your needs, don't wait too long, and make you "place in line," that is, your order in our queue, count.
  • Be aware that like you, we are not immune to potential effects of the disease or governmental mandates. If illness strikes us, or the government halts staff from coming to work, fulfillment times will be even further delayed.
If you agree to the above conditions, determine that these risks are acceptable to you, and decide to place an order, we will do our best to get it to you as quickly as possible. However, once you place your order and your payment has been made, the credit card company or PayPal will have taken their non-refundable transaction fees. If you then, for whatever reason, decide to cancel, our refund / cancellation policy will apply. You can read the details on the site by clicking here or from the "Ordering Terms & Conditions" link at the bottom of every page.

By placing and order, you are agreeing to these terms. Again, if you are not willing to a long delay in receiving your order, please, please, please, do not complete your order with us at this time. You will only frustrate the both of us.

Thank you so much for your support, for all of the well-wishes that you have been sending us via email and social medial during these trying times, and we hope and pray that all of this passes quickly, with the least amount of lives lost as possible, and that life gets back to "normal" soon.

From all of here on the farm at the Victory Seed Company, stay safe and have a great gardening season!


Date 3/21/2020
Hilary Jepsen
Thank you for still taking orders. In these strange times, patience and understanding is a must. I have loved your seeds in the past, and would love them again, and if I receive them too late to plant this year, I’ll simply store them as best I can for the following growing season. Thank you for being so ethical, we appreciate you so much!
Date 3/22/2020
Valerie Hawes
Thank you. I understand your thinking and applaud it. My restraint is now mandated closed in Westport, MA and I am still going forward with the large market garden I intended to use at Marguerites, but will have available for the future needs of those around me. I apologize for ordering sporadically; I will not order from you again for now if you are being overwhelmed. Although I check out as a guest to order without using a password and checking in, I have enjoyed your products for a few years now and hope that life will return to comparative normalcy for all of us in the future. Again, thank you. I appreciate what you are doing and Victory is what we shall have, in our gardens, our lives, our communities and our country. Many Blessings to all of you at Victory Seeds, from Valerie of Skybridge Farm at Stony Acres
Date 3/22/2020
Vicky Miller
Date 3/23/2020
charles koehler
Date 3/23/2020
Lucinda Kaltenbach
Date 3/23/2020
Randy McIntyre
I am only ordering one packet of Large German Cherry's, I usually save all my own seeds, but some how missed getting these set aside. This is my favorite Tomato, small but mighty. Thanks for your years of supplying our gardens.
Date 3/24/2020
Date 3/26/2020
Sharon Schoenborn
I totally understand.
Date 3/27/2020
Angela Barnes
Thank you so much for getting my order out quickly, I seen this Covid-19 virus getting worse and knew your company would be getting swamped so I ordered sooner than I normally would have and also order several different seeds thinking of next year also. I ordered on March 19th and just barely got in before everyone else. I received the shipped email yesterday March 26, 2020. Again thank you for working hard for us that want to grow fresh vegetables from seeds that has been around for years.
Date 3/27/2020
Wendy Melvin
Thank you guys so much for everything you do. Together, we will all get through this, doing the best we can. Stay safe! Stay sane! Much love from the field and garden, Wendy627110104
Date 3/27/2020
I am new to Victory Seeds and am already a fan! You guys seem to be a very ethical company with a lot of integrity, passion and grit! I will be happy to get my seeds whenever they get here! Thank you for all that you're doing. Sincerely, a new, happy customer.
Date 3/27/2020
John Drake
I can wait, its still too cold where I'm at to plant seed so I'm doing prep work and getting ready.

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